My journey in web design began when I decided to create a portfolio website for my part-time photography business. The website was intended to showcase my photos and allow potential clients to book my services. I started by creating a WordPress website using the Divi theme. This website went through several iterations, and it proved to be an excellent opportunity for me to learn the basics of web design while experimenting with different design ideas.

While still in secondary school, a family friend asked me to build a website for their holiday home rental business. This initial request led to more clients, including freelancers and small businesses that wanted to improve their online presence and attract more customers through a well-designed website.

Throughout my undergraduate studies in architecture, I continued building and maintaining websites for clients, which helped me develop a portfolio of website designs and build a satisfied customer base. The experience I gained from working with clients in different industries enabled me to refine my design skills and develop a unique approach to web design.

Today, as a full-time web designer, Creagh Design is committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses establish a strong online presence. We believe that every business deserves a website that reflects their brand and helps them reach new customers. Our focus is on creating meaningful and impactful websites that attract high-value clients and customers.

To collaborate with Creagh Design and start building your dream website for your business, contact us today through the link in our bio or email us at to schedule a consultation. Let us help you take your business to the next level and achieve your goals through effective web design.