This venture began back in 2018 when Jack Creagh was asked by a friend to design a WordPress website. With the little knowledge he had from designing his own photography website, he set to work learning all that he could about the world of WordPress website design. Since then he has learnt how to use many tools effectively, such as SEO, Google analytics, page speed optimisation, e-commerce, HTML, CSS etc. But from working on 35+ Web design projects, he realised that the world of Website Design is over complicated and oftentimes overpriced. So the Creagh Design mission statement is as follows:

Let’s make Web Design as accessible as possible.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, since Creagh Design operates via video calls. And for pricing, Creagh Design tries to have as low pricing as possible while maintaining the high standards clients are used to. From Architects to Therapists, whatever your endeavor is, Creagh Design will help your business reach new audiences.

Reach new audiences with a website from Creagh Design.